History of Ekeliden B&B

Ekeliden was built in the beginning of the last century by a merchant from Stockholm. His name was Gustaf Fredrik Åhrberg. He and his wife, Ebba Augusta Beata Ekerman, started a boarding house at Ekeliden.

In the 1920's Ekeliden was sold to Signe and David Karlsson. In early 1930´ies the new owners built a small cottage (a "Lillstuga" in Swedish) as a residence for Signe’s parents and siblings. Later the cottage functioned as a dairy. In late 1930’s an additional building was built on the premises. Signe Karlsson started a sewing factory in that building, which is still referred to as the Factory. Many of the employees of the sewing factory were tenants at Ekeliden, but there were also tenants working outside the textile industrial sector.

The sewing factory was closed down in mid 1960’s when Ekeliden was bought by a car painter, Roger Hagberg, and his wife Ingrid. On the Ekeliden property there was an old barn which they rebuilt to a workshop for painting cars. Twenty years later Ekeliden was sold to Claes von Zweigbergk and he operated the paint workshop until spring 2007. Claes von Zweigbergk visited Ekeliden early 2014. He really appreciated our idea to transform the old workshop into a B&B lodging. Unfortunaely, he was not here to see the final result, since he by then had passed away.

During six years – from 2007 to 2013 – there were no business operations at Ekeliden. In spring 2013 Ekeliden B&B was started. Admittingly, we felt the beats of history when Ekeliden once more was opened up for paying guest. We started by having guests in our cottage. After an extensive renovation of the building we still refer to as "Lackeringen" (the paint workshop), we are now able to welcome guests also in the three guests rooms in that building.

Ekeliden actually means "oak sloap", implying that here should be a lot of oaks on the premises. That was true once, but not anymore. Car painter Claes von Zweigbergk sawed down virtually all oak trees; only one oak remains!

We who runs the B&B business at Ekeliden are Mats and Rosmari Gustafsson. We moved here in late 2006. We live in the main building together with two cats lovely cats named Aksel and Sigge. They were three months old when they came to us in June 2016, around a year after our dear cat Felix had passed away. He was 19 years old.